Covid-19 Salon Guildlines

We’re so excited to welcome you back with a few updates to keep you safe and healthy. Here is what you need to know:

Your safety is our top priority, we’re kept our salon clean while you’re been away. We will continue to do so and thoroughly sanitize all stations and equipment before, during and after each appointment.

Theses are some new guidelines to ensure everyones safety:

If you are sick stay home. If you have a temperature stay home. If someone in your home is sick stay home. If you have allergies and can’t control sneezing stay home. Reschedule your appointment to a later date.


Face coverings MUST be worn at all times, preferably the style of mask that wraps behind the ears. (otherwise certain face covering styles may interfere with the performance of the haircut or color treatments)


Wash your hands before and after you leave the building if possible. If not please use hand sanitizer when you enter and before you leave the salon.


Do not enter the salon until your chair is open and it has been disinfected. When you arrive stay in your car until you are called in.


Only the person receiving the service is allowed to enter the salon. (Unless a child is receiving a service) The waiting area will be closed.


Limit the items you touch within the salon to the items you wish to purchase.


No walk-in’s  Appointments Only! Please call Ahead


Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other customers and other employees. When walking throughout the salon to the extent possible.


We will be taking your temperature (any temperature over 99 will have to be rescheduled) and for your safety staff will also have their temperature taken daily.

As for CDC recommendations clients will not be able to blowdry their own hair.

At the moment we CANNOT perform certain services as required by the state:
No waxing, No threading, No makeup application, No beard trimming

We cannot perform any services that would require you to remove your mask.

Please no food in the salon.

We will also be using Zelle as a cashless option in addition to our other payment  methods.

There will be a $5 health and wellness fee associated to Covid- 19

We look forward to seeing you soon and we will get through this!